Our mission is to deliver the best talent to match our clients unique needs, culture​ and environment. 


Visionary Siblings Transforming Business Through People.

Angela and Daniel never expected to work together, let alone start a business. In 2020, their shared calling and experience building, managing, and developing teams brought them together to form Gervino Group—a consultative talent solutions and fractional HR support firm. The Gervino Group believes that every placement is a valuable investment, strengthening business and driving it towards success. Collaboration, passion, and dedication are at the heart of their story, making each placement a game-changing strategic investment in people.


Director, Operations and Fractional HR

A seasoned Human Resources and Operations professional with 25+ years of diverse experience across industries including facilities, construction, healthcare, technology, and professional services. 

With a background spanning both public and private sectors, Angela excels in providing comprehensive HR solutions, including recruitment, change management, and outsourced HR services to businesses who may be struggling or growing, trying to keep up. 

Angela has helped clients spearhead the expansion of their operations nationwide, creating top-performing teams with quality-driven results.


Director, Talent Solutions

A dedicated professional with over 15+ years in risk and safety management within the concrete, construction and engineering industries. 

Daniel has a proven track record of success in identifying top talent, building high-performing teams, and implementing safety protocols that drive operational excellence which keep employees safe.

Daniel enjoys working with businesses across the United States who are struggling with finding the right match for their roles, culture and environment.

"Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and intelligence you can bring into the world, the better. It's the only true competitive advantage that can't be duplicated or reverse-engineered."